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Maura's Helping Hand

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About Us

MauraMaura grew up in Connecticut and moved to Colorado to attend the University of Denver where she received a BA and a Master’s degree.


Maura’s passion for design and organization, along with her desire to help people was the vision and inspiration behind the conception of Maura’s Helping Hand. She has a vast range of experience in design, decorating and remodeling. The combination of her attention to detail and a flare for creating beautiful spaces is influenced in every project she is involved in.


Maura’s organizational and structuring skills and her ability to “see the forest through the trees”, enables her to turn cluttered areas into ones that are functional and manageable.


"Maura helped transform my basement from an empty, awkward space to a cozy cabin style bar and retreat that I’ll enjoy for many years to come! Maura helped with creating the design I wanted, and was instrumental in assisting me with the many choices I had to make throughout the process. I could not be happier!"

Beverly R. in Aurora



"I had just moved and I wanted to add some personal items to my new place. Maura went shopping with me and we were able to pick out some affordable things that were just what I needed to make my home “mine” . I added color with a flower arrangement and some artwork and even found an accent piece that was perfect for my new space. I highly recommend Maura! She listens to your needs and it is obvious she loves what she does."

Riki R. in Centennial



"As I was preparing to move into my fiancé’s house, I had a panic attack. How was I going to go from a master bedroom, closet and my own bathroom into a master bedroom I was going to have to share? I quickly had to figure out how I was going to put all my stuff into one side of a closet, one bathroom drawer and under only one half of the sink. Then along comes Maura’s Helping Hand. She calmed my nerves in the end but it was not without a struggle. Not only did my fiancé have to purge clothes, belts and shoes, I too had to let go of the same. She wanted to give away most of my shoes. I told her, no way. I did concede and parted with a few. It was the only way. At the end of the day, the closet and bathroom turned out amazing. She helped to organize his side of the closet based on types of clothes and my side as well. We purchased nice shoe racks to go underneath my clothes as well as baskets to hold miscellaneous things like workout bras, regular bras, belts, hats, bags etc. We even found pink ones for me and more manly, silver ones for my fiancé. The nice thing about the baskets is they are wire and you can see what is inside of them without even pulling out of the closet. She was a life saver. I am hiring her again to help organize and purge in the kitchen."

Peggy T. in Denver


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